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Welcome to Flexible Packaging
GKA Flexible Packaging is a large producer of flexible packaging products with special focus on food packaging. The flexible packaging business caters to wide variety of end uses. GKA Flexible Packaging expertise in delivering large volume pouch formats makes it one of the leaders in the flexible packaging industry in India and abroad.
GKA Flexible Packaging supply many of it's packaging solutions to the food industry. GKA's Solventless Laminator uses solvent free adhesives to produce packaging of food grade quality. GKA Flexible Packaging's equipment incorporates 8 colour flexographic technology and the ability to convert in house a wide range of pre-formed bags and pouches.
GKA Flexible Packaging has a well deserved reputation for the quality of it's products and the reliability of it's service.
Backed by proven quality control procedures and experienced staff, GKA Flexible Packaging is confident in it's ability to provide long term packaging solutions.
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